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Rob needs to slim down??

Posted by barryreese on 2009.08.24 at 10:52
From the Sun:

EXY Dannii Minogue has urged Robbie Williams to trim down before he sings on The X Factor.

Robbie is due to perform live this autumn.

'Too tubby' ... Robbie Williams

'Too tubby' ... Robbie Williams

But judge Dannii,who is a massive fan of the Take That pop legend, 35, reckons he is looking a bit too tubby to be at his best.

She said: "Robbie will be great - if he gets himself in shape first!

"He is such a showman, he never fails to deliver.

"I think he'll come right out to the audience and the judges like Beyonce did last year, and put on a really geat performance."

Show bosses also hope Madonna and Whitney Houston may appear in the series, which kicks off tonight.

Dannii said: "All of my gay friends are begging me for tickets to the Madonna night! It would be amazing to have her on.

"I'm looking forward to Whitney, too. There was pressure on us after Britain's Got Talent to be as big and as good, and I think we will be."

Rob will appear on "X-Factor"

Posted by barryreese on 2009.08.24 at 10:50
From the Sun:

IT's official - Robbie Williams has finally confirmed he WILL appear on The X Factor.

As TV Biz predicted, the former Take That star, below, has agreed to make an appearance in the ITV1 show which kicks off on August 22.

Yesterday the Angels singer's website verified our story that the 35-year-old will feature on the sixth series.

It read: "We're very excited to tell you that this is true!

"Details are still being finalised so make sure you stay tuned for further announcements."

Other singers being lined up to take part include Madonna, Rihanna, Whitney Houston and Lily Allen.

New Article

Posted by colaborator on 2009.08.10 at 14:49

Here is a new  article, not about the new album, but about The 80's from Rudebox , which has been selected as a NOn-Single Masterpiece

(It's the 80's, ya mong)

new album news from robbiewilliams.com

Posted by barryreese on 2009.08.05 at 14:31

We're very excited to announce that Robbie Williams will be releasing his much-anticipated new album, Reality Killed The Video Star, on November 9th, 2009.

However, ahead of that, the first single to be released will be Bodies, on October 12th, with the digital version available one day earlier on the 11th.

As you'll know from Robbie's blogs, he has been busy working on the new material with Trevor Horn, who has produced both the album and the single.

rob says not to take that reunion

Posted by barryreese on 2009.06.08 at 13:17

Robbie Williams will not reunite with Take That for their UK tour.

The 'Angels' singer - who previously hinted he was hoping to perform with his old bandmates - has decided not to join them for their 20 shows in case it hinders his solo career.

Take That star Jason Orange said: "He said it's not right for him. There's no chance of it happening this time."

Robbie - who sensationally quit the group 14 years ago after a rift with Gary Barlow - is desperate for his music to be taken seriously and has reportedly been discouraged from reforming by his advisers.

The 35-year-old singer, who is currently working on his long-awaited eighth album, had fuelled reunion rumours after returning to the UK from Los Angeles with girlfriend Ayda Field.

Robbie previously voiced his interest in joining his former bandmates on stage, saying: "I think it would be fun. It would be good. I'm in regular contact with them, even Gary, so it's looking more likely by the week.

"The lads seem up for it and some people think it's a done deal."

It was recently revealed Robbie is planning to stage a £10 million comeback with a residency at London's O2 arena next year, the same venue where Michael Jackson is set to perform 50 dates from July.

A source said: "He wants to blow Michael Jackson and Take That out of the water with his comeback tour. It's going to be huge. He wants these shows to help re-establish him as the King of Pop.

"Robbie has been itching to get back in front of a live audience since he started writing his new album two years ago. He's planning to put on a super show to win back all the fans he's lost."

Take That, also consisting of Mark Owen and Howard Donald, kicked off their UK tour on Friday (05.06.09) at Sunderland's Stadium of Light.

rob's bringing back the ballads

Posted by barryreese on 2009.05.24 at 14:11

From the SUN:

GOOD news for ROBBIE WILLIAMS fans - he’s going back to ballads.

The singer lost the faith of many loyal fans by releasing his experimental rap-style album Rudebox in 2006.

It bombed so badly that thousands of copies were melted down to pave roads in the Far East.

But his latest producer TREVOR HORN, the production brains behind FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD’s huge success in the Eighties, said fans are in for a treat.

Speaking at this week’s Ivor Novello Awards in London, he told me: “There will be a few ballads on there, yes.

“The album is still a long way off from being finished but it’s going well.”

I’m glad to hear it.

For all that I’ve given him stick over the years, Robbie is the only male solo star this country has at the moment.

Darts Champ Says He's Heard Rob's New Album

Posted by barryreese on 2009.05.14 at 09:31
From today's online edition of The Sun:

ROBBIE WILLIAMS has a new album on the horizon and I can think of 180 famous faces he could grant the first listen.

But I well and truly missed the bullseye with my guesses.

Darts champ PHIL “THE POWER” TAYLOR has been handed the honour of sizing up Rob’s latest effort.

And on a flying visit to Bizarre HQ he told me it’s double tops.

He said: “I was in LA earlier this year with Robbie and his dad Pete.

“We were sat around in his living room drinking tea and Rob got his laptop out and played the album.

“I loved it. I thought it was excellent. It sounded like it had a bit of Rudebox about it.

“There was one song that sounded like Lovelight. That is one of my favourites of his.

“He sang over the top of some of the tracks as I was sat there with his old man.

“I have known Rob since he was a little boy. Pete is a good friend. They are lovely blokes.

“I’m going down to see Robbie in his Wiltshire home soon.”

If the new stuff sounds like Rudebox, Phil might want to advise Rob to get back in the studio.



Rob's Got a New Publicity Team

Posted by barryreese on 2009.04.20 at 08:17

ROBBIE WILLIAMS has hired the man behind RADIOHEAD, LILY ALLEN and PET SHOP BOYS to boost his image.

The chart-topper — who is set to launch his eagerly- anticipated comeback — has teamed up with industry legend MURRAY CHALMERS, who also looks after YOKO ONO.

It means Robbie, who is holed up in west London working on his eighth studio album, has replaced his entire former publicity team. He was with them for five years.

I’m told: “Rob has nothing but good things to say about his previous firm but it’s time for a change.

“He is determined to be involved with a firm specialising in music and not celebrity.”

I wonder if NEIL TENNANT sparked the move?

Robbie collaborated with the Pet Shop Boys on 2007 single She’s Madonna.

ROBBIE WILLIAMS has high hopes for his comeback album.

The singer, recording with producer TREVOR HORN, says he’s never before felt so “positive” about a release.

He said: “It sounds ‘Big’, very. I’m buzzing.”

Rob has written more than 50 potential songs for the album and said they could all make singles.

He also denied being a recluse, explaining he was just spending time with his “true love”, model AYDA FIELD.

And he said he nearly turned his back on music to front a UFO TV show — but “couldn’t be ar*ed”.

The UFO world’s loss is our gain.

ROBBIE WILLIAMS and girlfriend AYDA FIELD are at loggerheads over the singer’s move back to Britain.

The former TAKE THAT star has left LA behind to return to home soil in a bid to reclaim his pop crown.

But the move hasn’t gone down well with American actress Ayda.

She is on the cusp of big things with her career Stateside and pals say there is no way she will move at the moment. That would leave a lonesome Rob kicking around his vast, snow-covered Wiltshire mansion with only his new bike for company.

With his eccentric antics he’ll be like JACK NICHOLSON in classic horror flick The Shining.

Let’s hope his mansion doesn’t have a maze.


A source in LA told me: “Ayda’s star is on the rise in America.

“She is starting to get recognised and there is a real buzz about her. She has been trying to break Hollywood since 2000 so she isn’t going to dump all that hard work for Robbie.

“Everyone who knows her says she isn’t going to sit in a house in the English countryside.

“Why would she? For years she has been trying to get to where she is now. Rob loves her, or so she says.

“She simply isn’t going to go so either he stays or they split. She has worked long and hard and she isn’t giving it up for him.”

Ayda has a film offer and it is the middle of the TV pilot season in the US — when shows are given the go-ahead and casting begins.

The source added: “Ayda is ruthless about work.


“She isn’t stupid, she’s very sharp, she speaks three languages.

“There’s no doubt Robbie has helped raise her profile and she is making the most of it.”

So Rob faces kicking around his new pile with only his loyal PA Josie and probably his pal JONATHAN WILKES for company. I reckon Robbie should spend some of his vast fortune on a helicopter to get out and about.

It would only take him 20 mins to fly to London to see mates ANT & DEC for a coffee.

Or he could pop in on GARY BARLOW and chat about a Take That reunion. In the spirit of The Shining at least his greeting will be sorted — “Heeere’s Robbie!”

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